Can’t deal. Won’t deal.


I’m psycho and I’m frustrated. I have focused half of my day on a verbal confrontation with united airlines. I have never in my 26 (almost 27) years experienced such poor costumer service. I feel like I am obligated to spread the word on how horrible of an airline they are. I highly recommend EVERY human on planet earth to never ever ever use them to get anywhere. You will likely get there faster walking than you would dealing with them.

21 thoughts on “Can’t deal. Won’t deal.

  1. Over winter last year I was trying to get from home to where I got to graduate school and ended up getting stuck in DC for 4 days. At one point during my extended layover I talked to a desk guy and he told me I could fly to a city that was literally a 4.5 hour drive from where I needed to be and have someone pick me up. Most unhelpful advice ever. I feel your pain.

    • Are you kidding me? I would have lost my mind on them lol did they give you a voucher/pay for your hotel room&food? I can’t even think about how i’d react but i have a feeling id be escorted out of the airport hahaha

      • Unfortunately I got nothing because there were thousands of people stranded trying to get from the east coast to the mid-west. I knew it was going to happen to because when I left the airport at home every single flight from DC to Indianapolis was canceled except mine but they wouldn’t let me stay home instead of going to DC without paying. 😑 Luckily my 7th grade teacher (totally random) lives in DC and saw my predicament on facebook so I got home cooked food and a bed for free.

        • Oh man, sounds rough. Hahaha that is so awesone. I would ask why you have your 7th grade teacher on fb but i had my fifth grade teacher on my fb when i had it haha glad you got home safely! Happy im not the only one with so much dislike for the airline.

  2. Poor customer service is really not a wise move in the cyber-age! Whenever I experience similarly awful treatment, I leave an honest review on their Google Reviews page. People look at those things and it’s good for those who want to help others through their writing!

    Hope you’re not too stressed x

  3. Oooo. I was just about to book with them. I’ve had a couple hiccups with them in the past but was going to overlook it and hope for the best… Maybe I’ll go with Japan Airlines. It’s one more stop, but I get an extra bag free. πŸ™‚

    • Do not book with United. They are the worst, believe me! Haha I am a frequent flyer and they have treated me so poorly even after all my service. I’ll never do it again. They actually messed up even more after I wrote this post. What a bust. Good luck and have fun on your vacation!!!

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