Day 20. Things I miss 

Day 20 (how is it already day 20!!!!) of my 30 day challenge is to write about things I miss. Ugh. I miss so many little things. I miss people. I miss places. Where does one begin? 

Well, I’ll start with expressing how much I miss my elementary school. It’s funny because everyone misses their high school or university but I miss a school I attended until I was 13. I think I miss it most because of the feeling I have connected with it. Where I used to live and the things my friends and I would do when we would get together. We’d go to the same spots for lunch and ride our bikes to each other’s houses with our own remote controls for Nintendo 64. We’d all have to be home before the street lights came on. The simplicity in that was so much fun. I also loved it because I was such an active motivated little girl. I was my student council rep and president, the captain of my basketball team, a reading buddy, pizza girl (huge deal back then) and in charge of scripture reading (yes, I really did participate in it all hahaha). I definitely miss having so much to do but loving every little aspect of it. 

I miss some people that I’ve had in my life. Not in a crying “I need them back” type of way but just little things remind me of them. I miss bonds that I’ve had with people that were good for me in my life at that time. I definitely realize that everything has played itself out the way it did for a purpose but I still miss those connections. You know, when you see something that reminds you of a time or memory with someone you were once close with? However, I do still believe in that good old quote “everyone is in your life for a reason, a season or a life time”. Most of the people I’ve lost friendships with were not only a season but even more so, a reason. I learned a lot from them which allowed me to understand my faults so that I can grow from there. Believe me, I have. So a big thank you to them. 

I miss places. I miss every spot I’ve ever been to. What I miss most is the times I’ve spent living in Los Angeles with my best friend. I miss those two separate summers of just the two of us in our cute little apartments. I miss going to Ralph’s or Trader Joe’s for our groceries. I miss waking up everyday and knowing that no matter what we were going to do with our day, it would be filled with laughter and sunshine. I miss the stupid sushi place down the street that was way too overpriced but still had us crawling back a few times a week. I miss the pool that only we used and then would feel a sense of entitlement when other tenants would use it… Like a “wow they’re annoying any other day they don’t feel like swimming” attitude hahaha. I miss how gross we were because all we did was go to restaurants for lunch and dinner. I miss those bottomless mimosa signs that lured us into any restaurant regardless of if the food was good. I miss always being disappointed in the fact that bottomless mimosas are more fun in theory and just really make you sick hahaha. I miss riding our bikes from beach to beach for 3 hours and then stopping at Manhattan beach just to eat all of the calories we’ve burned off. I miss the people we met. When we’d nod heads at people who work in certain stores that we went to. I miss the feeling of feeling like a local. Everytime it would happen, we’d casually acknowledge them back and then run off and giggle about how cool it was to have locals recognize us as locals too hahaha. I miss The Grove. We went there so much. Rarely was it ever to shop. We just went to walk around and eat. One time there was a Backstreet Boys concert at The Grove but we decided to eat at the farmers market instead hahaha such piglets we can be sometimes. I miss going to all the fun bars and I especially miss the W hotel in Hollywood. We had old room keys that we’d use to skip any line for jazz night (sounds way more boring than it was). I miss the staff there laughing at us because they thought we were living at the W for 4 months (Ya right, that’s an easy 400 a night hahaha). I miss running into celebrities and calling them by their first name to confuse them. They’d look at me “do I know you?” with a puzzled yet friendly face. I don’t know, I can go on all day. The point is I miss it. It’ll be something I’ll never not miss. LA will always hold the most special place in my heart. I’ve always said it “I wish I met a boy that made me feel the way Los Angeles does” hahaha. My standards have been set high. 

Here are some photos I took from my instagram 

This was our place in 2011 

This is the pool we thought we owned hahaha 

Here are some celeb run ins. My friend Julia always somehow managed to get photos with them hahaha 

Jamie fox and I 

When I saw ceelo at a restaurant and literally approached him like we were friends 

And Julia with most of the people we’ve run into 

Adrian maloof 

Well this just turned into a big tbt of showing off hahaha sorry. 

I could write about the ten million little things that I miss but I would literally spend 10 days doing it. In x amount of years I’ll look back and miss this very moment. Writing about my life to people who encourage me to. I’ll miss the simplicity of my day without any children (sorry future kids I hope to have one day hahaha). I’ll miss the things I’ve been doing and the people I have in my life as of now. But things change and that is life. As that good quote we are all too familiar with “yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift and that’s why we call it a present” says, I can always day dream about the past or future but there is nothing like living in the now. So now, I eat my 11 am snack – cucumbers. And in the future, I hope it makes my hair grow the way I’ve been promised hahaha. 

Wanted to share this cute quote 

Speaking of french, I also miss Paris hahaha. 

What do you guys miss most? xx

17 thoughts on “Day 20. Things I miss 

    • He was super cool! I honestly even know who he was haha he came and sat with one of the girls we were with cause they were friends and my friend Julia started texting me saying he’s the guy from Britney’s toxic video hahaha it was Julias birthday night so it was cool to sit down and have a few drinks with him. Super nice down to earth guy and so incredible beautiful to look at!

  1. God your post bought back some memories, haven’t thought about primary (elementary) over there to you guys for a long time!
    Jheeeez at the amount of celebs you guys met jel!
    I remember when I was young I would get the bath all wet and slide down it- I miss THAT! A waterside in my bathroom gosh I thought I was a blessed kid!
    Take care x

  2. I miss the day of our blog wedding. Goooooooood times. Remember when Pharrell sang to us? Cost me a bomb. Feel special.

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