so so so sad 

You guys, I’m seriously still so sad over my internet friend @trevso_electric. Is that normal? I never knew someone I have never met could make such an impact on my day to day life. I keep going to his page to find old posts just to laugh. Today my friend said it could be worse because I don’t really know him and I tried to be funny with my response even though this isn’t a laughing matter!!!  

I don’t really know how to get over this. It sounds nuts! Am I nuts?! I can’t even imagine the pain his family and friends are feeling. What a gap it is not to see him on my news feed, I can’t even imagine in my real life. RIP. 

4 thoughts on “ so so so sad 

  1. What you’re feeling is completely normal. He was a person you built a connection to and was able to make you laugh and feel something, even though you didn’t “know him in person.

  2. Those are three words that have never helped me: “get over it.”

    What you have is an attachment. A person can attach to another person or a pet, and a person doesn’t just “get over” an attachment, especially when there are things left behind that you can still look at and remember. Even though the person is gone, you can still hold onto that attachment through that person’s work.

    Look at it this way: When Harrison Ford dies (and eventually he will), how do you think Star Wars fans are going to take that? I mean, he’s Han Solo. He’s frickin’ Han Solo. He’s frickin’ Han frickin’ Solo. There are going to be Star Wars fans who will be devastated by Harrison Ford’s death, even if they never met the guy or knew the guy in any personal way. They won’t experience sadness any better or worse than his family and friends, just in a different way. Meeting him is not the important thing; it’s the attachment formed with him through his work. Not only will they be mourning the man, but they will also be mourning the fact that they will never see any new work from him.

    Someone who contributed something to them, who added to their lives, will no longer be able to do this. And that’s what mourning is, it’s a realization and reflection on the loss of a person (or pet) and the things they will no longer do in this world.

    That said, we’ll still be able to enjoy what he gave us. And that’s how we celebrate him and his accomplishments, by not forgetting them, by not getting over it. When a person makes a mark on you, you don’t get over it; you simply learn to live with the mark.

    But that’s a part of being human and allowing yourself to be affected by someone else. You have an open heart, and that’s a wonderful thing. Please, don’t ever get over that. 🙂

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