I know I’ve been blogging for over a year now but somehow I still am finding it hard to understand the “stats” sides of things. I keep getting these notifications but I don’t even know if they are accurate.




Does that look correct? I went to my stats page to see what my day was like and this is what I saw.


Obviously, it doesn’t matter to me if that’s not good because I still enjoy blogging and having some really cool people to interact with through mine and their blogs but I just don’t know how much is normal and i’m hoping someone can clue me in. I feel so lost haha. Anybody??


19 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. You could have said “Spoiler Alert”! Now it won’t be a surprise when I get these achievements… haha. Nah I don’t know, but I’m glad you asked because I don’t understand the stats either!

  2. If you’re still lost after a year, imagine how I feel after just a couple of weeks of really getting into it. my stats are bogus. I get notifications that say someone liked a post but it doesn’t even record the view. Unless they’re just liking the title lol. 😏

  3. The stats are skewed… but the only reason I understand ANY of this is because I have had a business with an online store and all that crap!!! The IT guy “splained” it all to me one time and miraculously I retained a teensy little bit of the information. But, considering that every time I view my own page, it records that visit as a view… well… anyhow… CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of us for having the courage to put it “out there”… most people aren’t as brave & bold as us. Tee Hee… PARTY TIME!!! My home. Come on down to balmy Florida where the windows are wide open tonight. No snow in sight. LOL I’ll spring for the cheese & crackers. Love y’all. My new best friends…

  4. Hmmm, must be nice haha. I don’t pay those much attention, I don’t really care. The stats page itself was more intuitive and detailed before they “upgraded” it a few months ago.

    • I truly wasn’t sure if that was low or not. I was curious because there’s so many glitches. I don’t even know if it’s accurate. The app keeps crashing and I keep having to delete it and download it again. They need to really fix it!!

  5. All I know is when I look at my stats, I don’t see that haha.
    Be happy and just trust in them because it’s looking good

    • Haha aw okay thanks. Now I feel like a loser because it looks like im showing off or something. I honestly didn’t know. I think I’ll just delete thjs post.

      • I don’t think it looks like you’re showing off at all! I’m just not maths-brained enough to contribute with anything more than a joke. Generally I just look at the stats page like ‘that’s great’ and that’s about it ha x

        • Haha okay I just wasn’t sure and felt like it looked that way. I truly didn’t know but now I do hhaha thanks for being part of those numbers 🙈🙊

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