So it’s day 6 of Lent and I am proud I say the struggle is getting less and less real haha. I am on this lettuce wrap turkey burger kick and I have to admit that I actually forget that the bread is missing! I topped my burger with light cheese, ketchup, mustard and light mayo. It’s so good!!! I also purchased very lean meatballs (6 for 120 calories) because I just didn’t get full off of one Turkey burger last time. I made a side salad of cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and I skipped on the dressing but added a dash of salt and pepper. I think I could definitely get used to not having grainy carbs in my everyday life. Does anyone have any suggestions on other meals I can make outside of typical chicken or steak. I’m all for having veggies where carbs would typically be!


7 thoughts on “Yum.

  1. I’m grain free 90% of the time and at least gluten free the other 10%, so I have tons of recipes I could share with you. All of them are dairy free as well, though, because we can’t/don’t do dairy, but you could easily change them, if you wanted to. Feel free to send me a message, if you’re interested 🙂

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