Ariana Grande

A couple of nights ago I went to see Ariana Grande. I will admit, I have always had mixed feelings about her. I love her voice and music but not a fan her diva demeanor. I can’t really judge her as I do not personally know her but after her concert I take back everything I thought about her before going in. She was actually very sweet and engaging. She spoke to the audience and expressed her appreciation for her Canadian fans.  I’ve actually been to a few concerts where the performer has said next to nothing to the fans hahaha awful. 

Anyway, here are some photos. 

If she’s in your hood, I definitely suggest you go see her! So much fun. xx

5 thoughts on “Ariana Grande

  1. She’s an amazing singer. You got some really good shots! I didn’t really like her that much when she first hit the music scene, but I gave her a try and she’s actually really good.

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