Did anyone watch the bachelor this season? Can we talk about how weird and strange it all was. First of all, I didn’t even notice Whitney or Becca until maybe 4 episodes ago hahaha so I’m not sure how the show concluded the way it did. Whitney was the girl with the annoying voice and Becca was the mediocre virgin. I mean, now looking back I realize how gorgeous Becca is but Whitney still has that annoying voice which got more annoying as she got more air time. I’m still confused over the whole thing. It all happened so fast. One minute I was drawing hearts on pictures of Brittany and Chris (this never happened but you know what I mean) and then the next minute Chris is in a farm proposing to the safest bet on planet earth. This season was awkward all along. It’s like, they started off with Chris being this huge catch and it quickly turned into “if you see a future on his farm, you instantly get a ring to be engaged” and slowly but surely he was left with no options as every girl was just not down for that life change. Chris in NO WAY is into Whitney and I honestly think his family pressured him to pick her. Also, Becca the other girl just wasn’t into him. That’s no way to win. Could you imagine being the default choice? That’s exactly how Whitney was chosen. Chris needed Becca to say she was in love with him and she just couldn’t. He wanted a marriage at the end of it and Becca couldn’t and wouldn’t commit. Kudos to her! I respect her so much for sticking to her guns and being honest the whole way through. I mean, probably not a good show for her to be on since you’re supposed to fall in love and engaged to be married in the 2.5 seconds that you’re there. She knew before she went into it which leads me to believe she wasn’t in it for the right reasons from the start hahaha which makes me like and appreciate her even more. So something I would do. Go on there just for some fun and free vacations. I’m trying to convince my bestie Julia to audition but she’s having none of it…

Hahaha tell me that my plan isn’t perfect? I’ll even sign her up if I have to. 

ALSO, they announced that it’ll be two  bachelorettes. Kaitlin and Brittany from this last season of the bachelor. Really? As if there isn’t already enough people pinning women against eachother… Now we will let 25 men decide who is worthy? And what happens when the guys who voted the girl who leaves to stay? Doesn’t that make things weird for them and the default bachelorette. What a ridiculous show that I’ll definitely tune into hahaha vomit. 

17 thoughts on “Bachelorette 

  1. I agree. Whitney was the default choice. That really sucks! I also read somewhere that he is already cheating on her with his ex in California. He’s there because he is going to be on dancing With The Stars. If this is true, I feel really bad for Whitney because even though she annoyed me, she really seemed to be a nice girl and was ready to give Chris everything.

    • I agree. I hope he isn’t doing that but honestly he wasn’t into her, you can tell that he was forcing it. So it’s horrible that he’d cheat but it’s def probably difficult to stay loyal to someone who you were pressured into being with.

            • I think Brittany. I love Kaitlin but Brittany really plays things up and I feel like she’ll be more interesting to watch. Plus she’s drop dead gorgeous so the boys will love that too haha I kind of with Becca was the next bachelorette only because it would be fun to watch a first ever season where the girl isn’t waaaay into the guy jaha

  2. Oh thanks so much… this WOULD be the ONE post of all of yours today that I got around to reading before falling completely asleep. A good way to look at it is this… now I don’t have to watch the dvr to know who he chose. Dang. I thought your topic of “bachelorette” was about another dinner party!!! HAHAHAHAHA

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