19 thoughts on “Would you… 

  1. This might seem mystical but I actually had a dream in which some elevated creatures, looking like men but appearing in deformed images , showed me the book of my life. It was big and red and had a book sign that I could see. The book sign showed where my life was in present but the book was closed . I was curious and honestly I would have probably read some of it. Finding out something bad would not scare me but I would see it as a challenge. 🙂

  2. I would skip to the end and that would be the only part I would read. The rest of it is just stuff I would never want to remember and never want to know what was coming. 🙂

  3. If the book I am reading starts slow, I have a tendency of going to the middle of it to find certain motivation to continue to read to that point and eventually to the end. However, I absolutely don’t want to know the end as that would make reading the book completely worthless. Similarly, I only want to know something good about my future to get me going without knowing the end of it.

  4. I’ve seen this question before and always answered it the same way….no. If you believe each day is a gift, why would you open all of them at once, no, I’ll take them as I receive them for as long as they keep coming. And I’ll do it as a surprise each day.

  5. If I was given a book of my life, the only thing I would read is the About The Author page to find out who the hell is fucking up my life. lol

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist the hopefully humorous answer. 🙂

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