6 thoughts on “💡

  1. Are you one of them? Or, are aware now of this situation and trying to avoid it?
    I always make it very clear who “me” is! Wether they think I need to be fixed or not is up to them. But, if they feel that I need to change or be fixed they shouldn’t bother getting involved because I’m not changing who I am (most people won’t) *but thats another subject.
    Well, more BLUNT- Women or Men put themselves into these situations of neglect, with the delusional thinking that they can change a person.
    I’ve been guilty of staying in a relationship thinking this girl/women will “eventually” come to their senses —- No!!!!!!! IT WAS ME THAT NEEDED TO COME TO MY SENCES THAT THEY WERE NOT GOING TO CHANGE
    So we (victims) are not without some blame in this I think —

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